Hoss DelgadoA Guide Mission Satellite Mission
Level 33
Difficulty Hard
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devils Bluff- The Wilds
Go to Hero's Hollow and collect three soil samples by killing shellworms
My Notes
This mission you do not have to go back to Hoss to complete

Step 1
Go To Hero's Hollow

Satellite Mission
Go to Hero's Hollow Ben Wants you to go to Hero's Hollow. He said he'll send you some more information in an email. Remember, stay on the trail of the Fusion Kevin army!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Satellie Mission
Grandpa Max's satellite has done an analysis of Planet Fusion's surface. He's getting similar readings from the heart of the Darklands. Fuse Is trying to recreate Planet Fusion right near his lair. We can't let this happen. -Ben

Step 2
Defeat the shell worms. Collect 3 soil samples.

Satellite Mission
Defeat the Shellworms. Soil sample: 0/3 Ben wants you to collect soil samples. Soil sample? Thats boring. But beating up Shellworms ain't boring. Can you defeat them?

BenA Ben
Granpa Max wants you to collect some soil samples from Hero's Hollow. You need to defeat some Shellworms to collect the infected soil.

Step 3
Deliver samples to Tetrax.

Satellite Mission
Deliver samples to Tetrax. Soil sample: 3/3 Bring those samples to that Tetrax guy in the Forsaken Valley, and come back amd see me. I've got a plan formulating in my head.

BenA Ben
Good Work. Bring those samples to tetrax. He's near the research facility in Forsaken Valley.
Mission End

Satellite Mission
Poop on a stick! So Fuse thinks he can make a home for himself on our planet? He's gonna learn the Hard way that he can't do that. Lets get him partner.

TetraxA Tetrax
Ben told me you would be comming. I will send these soil samples to him right away. Here's some Plumber gear that Max wanted you to have.