Agent GreenbergA Agent Greenburg has an assignment for you.

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After getting the meteor sample, Agent Greenburg has a plan. But first you need to get to the other side of the ridge. She suggests using the Monkey Lines to get across, but first you need to get rid of some BoarBulls that are standing around the Monkey Line so you can use it safely.

Defeat 5 BoarBulls

Now head over to the mining camp.

Once there place some of the Meteoric Ore inside each of the three cabins in the camp, once this is done return to Agent Greenburg for your reward.

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Studies have shown that the Meteor has Fusion Suppression abilities. In other words the Space Rock drains Fusion Power and thanks to the ore you placed in the mining camp it won't become an Infected Zone anytime soon.


Level 18 C.R.A.T.E.

3200 Fusion Matter

2164 Taros

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