General Rules

  • Please use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.
  • Speculation comments should not be added, like:
    • "Certain character is not in the future, it might have died."
  • The very first thing in a Character or Area page must be the infobox template. Nothing must be added before that, but can be added beneath it.

About ownership

  • Wikis are communal efforts, therefore no one has direct ownership over the Wiki, not even the Administrator or Moderator.
  • Users have exclusive ownership over their own edits, not over the pages they edit or create. If a rule about editing pages is broken the page must be reverted as soon as possible.
  • Images/Video are copyrighted to Cartoon Network. Even if a user took a picture himself or herself or took it from another site, Cartoon Network has the right to ask the Admins to take it down.

About program exploits

  • Program exploits are not tolerated in the official page, nor will be tolerated here. This includes, but are not all:
    • Cheat or program changes that enable the user to do things that the original program wouldn't allow.
    • Cheat codes for items ingame that haven't been officially released.
    • Areas outside borders or ways to get outside the borders. This includes things outside borders in testing areas until they are officially used in the game.
  • Hacking pictures/videos are not allowed in here
  • Anything about a Fanmade/remade Fusionfall is also not allowed on here.

About images and videos

  • Images should always be png format if ripped from the game. This because most templates are programmed to work with png images.
  • Images of NPCs during stages of development shouldn't be used.
  • Videos in general are not allowed. It's not fair if only one or two users are featured there.
  • Images of NPCs should not:
    • Have Black Bars above and below them
    • Should not have quotes from any NPC
    • Should not have any other players in it
    • Should not have NPC names showing in gold
  • If you're adding another item to our items list, make sure that the background is blue, not red.
  • Videos about Exploits should also not be uploaded.

About specific pages

  • The page Characters only includes NPCs that give missions and are featured in a mission for an item that would make a better nano of them. Currently in the game there are only 53 NPCs with this description. Any other character is just an NPC, if it's part of a mission then it should have his/her own page, if not it should not even be mentioned.
  • Enemies in the Fusions page don't require a page of their own. Most of them have no traits other than being an evil counterpart.
  • Enemies in the Fusion Monsters are the ones listed in the official guide that comes with the Victory Pack.
  • If you edit other people's user pages without permission, you will be blocked for adding Nonsense and Gibberish into pages.
  • When you edit and there is a Template for that kind of page,USE THEM!!
  • You must use the templates properly. You also must not use the coding for them.
  • Do not advertise your blogs please. If someone will comment, they will. If not, too bad.

About People's Info

  • Other peoples info on people's pages that are not them is called STEALING! You must ask that person if you can either temporarily or permantly use it on your page.

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