CourageA Nano Mission Ring Around the Collar
Level 32
Difficulty Hard
Character Courage
Place Nowhere - The Wilds
Protect the research station.
My Notes
Fuse is trying to use Dark Magic to make the creatures in the Darklands more powerful. I fought Ghastly Growths and Bully Behemoths in the Dark Glade. Then I found Fusion Courage in the Firepits and defeated him.

CourageA Courage
It's Nano Time! You need to go to the Dark Glade infected zone. Whimper!

Step 1
Defeat four Ghastly Growths:

Ghastly Growth 0/4

Ring Around the Collar
Fuse is taking the power of the Dark Tree in the Dark Glade and making his monsters more powerful. You have to go to the Dark Glade infected zone to take care of four Ghastly Growths to prevent them from absorbing the powerful energies of the Dark Tree. Yikes!

CourageA Courage
Yipe! Now defeat five Bully Behemoths.

Step 2
Defeat five Bully Behemoths:

Bully Behemoth 0/5

Ring Around the Collar
Good job with the spooky Ghastly Growths. The weirdo Bully Behemoths are next. These creatures are really strong, and Fuse hopes to make them even stronger, so watch out.

CourageA Courage
Hooray. Now you need to go to the Firepits infected zone.

Step 3
Go to Firepits infected zone.

Ring Around the Collar
You did really great against those monsters. Fuse is weaker already. You gotta go now to the Firepits infected zone. One more monster to get.

CourageA Courage
Now you gotta find -- GULP! Fusion Courage! Shiver!

Step 4
Enter Fusion Portal.

Ring Around the Corner
Now you have to find Fusion Courage inside the Firepits infected zone. He's the scary creature that's helping to make all the other scary creatures even stronger.

CourageA Courage
Get Fusion Courage! We're not afraid of you, Fuse!

Step 5
Defeat Fusion Courage:

Fusion Courage 0/1

Ring Around the Corner
Fusion Courage leads all the creatures in the Darklands. He's more powerful than an entire herd of Doom Striders! Once you get him, maybe you'll get a Nano!



Nano: Courage

Type: Adaptium


Drain - PointDrain - Point

Health - SelfHealth - Self

Scavage Scavage

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