You're killing me!


◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
Not in Retro Small (Retro) ∣ 04 (Academy)
Damage - Area
Death Punch
Rigby will pound your foes using his mastery of Death Kwon Do
Health - Self
Java Jolt
Rigby's Java Jolt will keep you working for the weekend.
Recall - Group
Magical Keyboard
Rigby's Magical Keyboard will take everyone home, sorta.
Rigby is the anthropomorphic raccoon deuteragonist of Regular Show. He, along with his best friend Mordecai (an anthropomorphic blue jay), often get into strange situations while at their shared workplace and home, the Park.


Rigby is an Adaptium Nano in FusionFall, obtained using the code: FFCdeathpunchies. Also you can see his nano in Mt.Neverest.

FusionFall Heroes

Rigby is a playable character in FusionFall Heroes. Armed with his Dextronium powered claws, Rigby can do plenty of damage to his foes, in spite of his lack of health. Like all the playable characters, he has various heroic upgrades, as detailed in the Gallery, below.


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