Resurrect 'Em

A Player dying and a Resurect 'Em option appearing

A Resurrect 'Em is an area where a player goes to after being defeated in battle. You can also teleport to one without dying by pressing ENTER on the player's keyboard, and then clicking on "warp away". There are Resurrect 'Ems in many areas throughout the game. After being defeated, a menu will pop up showing Grim asking whether you wish to go to the nearest Resurrect 'Em. After one minute passes, the player will automatically teleport. You must be careful at times of death. Sometimes at death your Unity might crash, and if this happen, you start the game again, but once you press Revive, the game will crash. To fix this use Internet Explorer browser, because, IE doesnt use unity. If you have a Revive Nano active when you are defeated, an extra option will appear asking if you want to activate the revive power. If you activate the power, you will resurrect in the same spot. If you die with your Nano out it will express a cry of defeat.

Resurrect Em in Blackhead

A Resurrect 'Em in Mt. Blackhead.


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