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"Move it you stupid taste buds!" - Puckerberry Overlord

Puckerberry Overlord
Puckerberry Overlord
Series Chowder
Location Peach Creek Commons

The Puckerberry Overlords are a plant like group that serve the ruler of any mouth, Sour Ron. If you don't want to live in your own mouth, then do NOT eat a Puckerberry! Chowder once beat these guys and turned them sweet.


In FusionFall, the Puckerberry Overlords are almost the size of Fiskerton and 2 of them can be seen during the Birthday Bash. This possibly means they will be an NPC group, like the Urban Rangers and the Plumbers. One of the few gives out a Chowder FusionFall Adventure mission.
Birth day bash major glory

Puckerberry Overlord at the birthday bash


  • Curiously, their design in-game more closely resembles Wildvine from Ben 10 than it does their in-show counterparts.

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