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Not in Retro Large
Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.

Providence HQ is the main headquarters of the Providence organization, located in a remote deserted area. The "Petting Zoo" is a section of Providence that houses many plant and animal E.V.O.s. The zoo, which functions as a self-contained ecosystem, has been around since the early days of Providence and was in use before Providence Headquarters was even finished. The vast majority of E.V.O.s in the Petting Zoo are relatively harmless and are of no real threat to Providence agents. However, there are exceptions; the ones that are considered dangerous are taken to the Hold.


War Against Fuse

Advanced Training

Now that DexLabs, the Plumbers, and Providence have create a new training system, they have chosen the Providence Headquarters (The Petting Zoo) to be the second step in training new heroes to fight Fuse. Rex, Lance, Finn, and Computress have undertaken the task of overseeing the work of the new cadets in this area. Their training here is much tougher than in the Null Void. There is a greater number of Fusion monsters here, and they won't play nice. There are two containment sections, one for Fusion Rex and one for Fusion Ben.

Petting Zoo

The Petting Zoo is where the rest of the hero's training will continue after obtaining the Nano in the Null Void. Here the player will obtain the Nanos for Alien X and Rex. There are visuals of some E.V.O.s from the show Generator Rex. Fusion Ben and Fusion Rex have both been imprisoned here, the former of whom has been infecting his containment area, much to Lance's amusement.


  • The Jumbo Fusion Spawns here always drop Lightning swords, and Lance gives two consecutive Nano Missions.
  • There are three Golden Coco E.G.G.s that contain either a P.U.T.T.U.H. or Bunny Bag in Providence HQ.



Jumbo Fusion Spawn Name Jumbo Fusion Spawn
Boss None
Level 02
Type Cosmix
The basic Fusion Spawn has made its way out of Sector V and into Pokey Oaks. Leave them alone too long, and they'll start evolving into something worse… much worse!

Cyber Stinger Name Cyber Stinger
Boss Cyber Stabber
Level 03
Type Blastons
The Cyber Stingers are digital delivery systems for toxic Fusion goo. They may be weak, but their stings hurt for days and days. Fuse mostly uses them to annoy his enemies.

Timber Wrecker Name Timber Wrecker
Boss N/A
Level 02
Type Adaptium
Sure, these are the weakest of the timber monsters, but they damage the Nanos of rookies by their Corruption attack, so keep a sharp eye out for one!

Stalking Arachnid Name Stalking Arachnid
Boss N/A
Level 02
Type Blastons
This monster got its name from how sneaky it is, especially by injuring rookies severely with its insidious eruption attack. Keep an eye on the ground when battling these guys.

Fusion Containment Areas

  • Fusion Rex containment area
  • Fusion Ben containment area

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