TetraxA Nano Mission Prehistoric Plot
Level 32
Difficulty Hard
Character Tetrax
Place Forsaken Valley - The Darklands
Enter the Heart of Fuse's Lair.
My Notes
I went out to the Darklands to enter Fuse's Lair. First, I had to fight the Meteoric Sentries. Then I fought and defeated Fusion Tetrax. I collected Humongosaur's dinosaur scale, which I used to make a Nano!

Mission Offer

Prehistoric Plot
Fuse is preparing to make an army of alien-dinosaur Fusions. We cannot allow this. To earn your next Nano, you must travel to the heart of Fuse's Lair to stop this plot. Are you ready for this?

Mission Details

TetraxA Tetrax
It is time to obtain another Nano. Proceed to the Green Maw.

Step 1
Defeat twelve Slag Cephalopods.

Prehistoric Plot
You must go into the heart of the Darklands, deep into the infected zone in the Green Maw. We must not allow Fuse to build an army of alien dinosaurs. In order to enter the infected zone safely, you will need to defeat a dozen Slag Cephalopods. Good luck.

TetraxA Tetrax
Good work. Now you must find the Fusion who is building this army.

TetraxA Tetrax
Proceed to the Green Maw's infected zone.

Step 2
Enter Green Maw infected zone.

Prehistoric Plot
Excellent work against the Slag Cephalopods. A fusion is most certainly behind this plot. You will have to enter the Green Maw's infected zone to find your Fusion adversary.

TetraxA Tetrax
I have detected a familiar energy signature: Fusion Tetrax.

Step 3
Enter Fusion Portal.

Prehistoric Plot
Find the lair of Fusion Tetrax. He's lurking somewhere deep inside the Green Maw's infected zone.

TetraxA Tetrax
There he is. I hope you are ready for this fight.

Step 4
Defeat Fusion Tetrax.

Prehistoric Plot
Defeat Fusion Tetrax. With your victory, you will not only cripple Fuse's strange genetic experiments, you will also gain a new Nano.


  • The description says you defeated Meteoric Sentries. It's a typo in the "Completed Missions" journal. You defeat Slag Cephalapods.



Nano: Humongousaur

Type: Cosmix


Snare - Cone Snare - Cone

Freedom - SelfFreedom - Self

Damage - AreaDamage - Area

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