Power Items are items that allow to change the power of a Nano. Five are needed along with a changing amount of Fusion Matter and the change must be made in a Nano Computer. There are 20 kinds of Power Items, which can be bought at a Power Shopkeeper (almost always a Dexbot) or found in a golden Coco egg (though the eggs are scattered across the Fusionfall world). The abilities are only available to certain Nano's. For example, Buttercup's Scavenge, Stun, and Heal can be changed by respectively using the Scavenge, Stun, or Power Items. The pictures shown here are old versions of the power items.

01Damage 02Heal 03Sleep 04Snare 05Stun
Damage PowerItem Heal PowerItem Sleep PowerItem Snare PowerItem Stun PowerItem
06Jump 07Run 08Sneak 09Radar 10TreasureFinder
Jump PowerItem Run PowerItem Sneak PowerItem Radar PowerItem Treasure Finder PowerItem
11Revive 12Guard 13Antidote 14Scavenge 15Bonus
Revive PowerItem Guard PowerItem Antidote PowerItem Scavenge PowerItem Bonus PowerItem
16Freedom 17Recall 18Rocket 19Leech 20Drain
Freedom PowerItem Recall PowerItem Rocket PowerItem Leech PowerItem Drain PowerItem