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File:Jibba JabbaA.png Guide Mission Poster Imposter
Level 4
Difficulty Hard
Character Jibba Jabba
Place Sector V - The Suburbs
Check recruitment posters in Sector V for Father.
My Notes
Jibba Jabba asked me to help Father, but Numbuh Two turned the tables on him.

Mission Offer

Poster Imposter
Mojo is working with someone named Father. He has recruitment signs up near the KND tree house. You need to make sure that they don't come down.

Mission Details

Step 1
Add tape to the first sign.

Poster Imposter
Father and Mojo Jojo are trying to recruit more kids like you. We need to put our differences aside and get rid of this Fuse character, don't you think? Go around Sector V and reinforce Father's recruitment posters near the tree house.

Step 2
Reinforce second poster.

Father wants you to reinforce the next sign. Add tape to it so it does not come down.

Step 3
Reinforce last poster.

You only need to reinforce one more poster for Father in Sector V.

Step 4
Talk to Numbuh Two.

Once those signs are complete, you may come back and speak with me, Jibba Jabba.

Step 5
Remove tape from first poster.

Have you finished putting up those signs, yet? Mojo Jojo and Father are very impatient.

Step 6
Remove tape from second poster.

I'm waiting for your return. You should have finished by now.

Step 7
Remove tape from last poster.

I hope you're on your way back, or someone is going to bed without supper.

Step 8
Talk to Numbuh Two.

My patience has run out. Come back to Hero Square and speak to me as soon as you are finished with those posters! Don't make Mojo mad!

Step 9
Talk to Jibba Jabba.

Come back to Hero Square and speak with me right away.

Mission Summary

Poster Imposter
Thank you for reinforcing those posters for Father. Mojo Jojo is very pleased with your performance so far. Together, we will all rule the world!

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