Buttercup(Future)A World Mission Pokey Protection
Level 02
Difficulty Easy
Character Buttercup(Future)
Place Pokey Oaks North (The Future)
Defend Pokey Oaks from Fuse's monsters.
My Notes
I took out a bunch of monsters in Pokey Oaks North and prevented Fuse from doing his dirty work.

Mission Offer

Pokey Protection
That map you recovered had some creepy handwriting on it. By the looks of it, Fuse is preparing a massive coordinated attack. We need to put a stop to him!

Mission Details

Step 1
Find the Cyber Stingers

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
There they are! You need to defeat them before they can set up the Gooby Trap.

Step 2
Defeat four Cyber Stingers.

Cyber Stinger 0/4

Remaining Time:180

Pokey Protection
The Cyber Stingers are trying to set up a Gooby Trap. You need to defeat four of them before time runs out.

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
Good work. You saved the day. Come on back.

Step 5
Return to Buttercup.

Pokey Protection
Great work stopping that Gooby Trap. Come and see me back in Pokey Oaks North and I'll give you a reward for your efforts.

Mission Summary

Pokey Protection
Great work sabotaging Fuse's plans. You really know how to fight! We need more kids like you on the frontlines. Stop by again later if you need a mission.

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
You've done an amazing job. I think you're ready for the really tough missions. You've definitely got the right stuff.

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