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This article is about Pokey Oaks South in the past. For the future version see Pokey Oaks South (The Future)

Pokey Oaks South Map
Pokey Oaks South
Area Level 06
NPCs Albedo (Birthday Bash)

This location is south of Pokey Oaks North, and it is on the way to Genius Grove from there. It is where the Powerpuff Girls live. In one mission Sherri Bird wants the player to wake three kids from here up to go on a cemetery raid. A kid named Finn (not the Finn from Adventure Time) lives in a large house resembling a ski-lodge near the wormhole. Chowder, Shnitzel, and a Shmingerbread House landed here during the Knishmas event, and later the Birthday Bash took place here, with characters like Albedo, Fred Fredburger, Zak Saturday, and TOM appearing (Note: only half of the characters were in Pokey Oaks South, since the cake was between both of the Pokey Oaks).

Lance, Ilana, and Octus were here, too, as well as the original, non-Fusion Blowfish.


Pokey Oaks South
Gravel Golem Name Gravel Golem
Boss Great Gravel Golem
Level 06
Type Adaptium
The Gravel Golem lurks in the loose soil in Pokey Oaks. When this Golem rises from the earth it sounds like a rock slide. Look out!

Area: Pokey Oaks South

Mad Mower Name Mad Mower
Boss Raving Mad Mower
Level 06
Type Blastons
The only thing more dangerous than a lawnmower blade is a lawnmower blade attached to a Mad Mower with a mind of its own! An angry, hungry mind.

Area: Pokey Oaks South

Neighborhood Ninja Name Neighborhood Ninja
Boss Nightstalker Ninja
Level 06
Type Cosmix
Pokey Oaks isn't the neighborhood it used to be with these guys around. Hope you can handle the new neighbors, because these Ninjas are here to stay.
Battery Drain

Area: Pokey Oaks South

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