Pokey Oaks North (The Future) Map
Pokey Oaks North (The Future)
Area Level 02
NPCs Buttercup
Numbuh Five
Ranger Charles
Bobo HahaNot in Retro Small
RexNot in Retro Small
This article is about Pokey Oaks North in the future. For the past version see Pokey Oaks North.

Pokey Oaks North is south of Sector V (The Future), west of Peach Creek Commons (The Future) and north of Pokey Oaks South (The Future). It comes originally from The Powerpuff Girls as the area outside Townsville in which most of the habitants live. The Monster Don Doom can be found here at the broken pipe in the mall.

Buttercup and Numbuh Five are the main mission givers here, who are trying to fend off the Fusion Spawns and other monsters in the area, with the help of the player. There is an Infected Zone, Pokey Oaks Junior High (The Future), although there are few missions that have you enter it.


Fusion Spawn Name Fusion Spawn
Boss Jumbo Fusion Spawn
Level 02
Type Cosmix
The basic Fusion Spawn has made its way out of Sector V and into Pokey Oaks. Leave them alone too long, and they'll start evolving into something worse…much worse!

Cyber Stinger Name Cyber Stinger
Boss Cyber Stabber
Level 02
Type Blastons
Cyber Stingers are digital delivery systems for toxic Fusion goo. They may be weak, but their stings hurt for days and days. Fuse uses them mostly to annoy his enemies.

Don Doom Name Don Doom
Boss None
Level 04/08
Type Adaptium
Fuse took 10 Doom Striders and melded them together to make this horrific thing. As one of the hardest Fusion Monsters to beat, Don Doom patrols Pokey Oaks. He and Bad Max have stolen items from the KND vault. If you are lucky you might retrieve the items for keeps and stop this giant creep, but stay sharp, since, just as with Bad Max, Fuse made this guy twice as powerful after sending him to the Past.

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