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Plumber Carol
Plumber Carol
Location Forgotten Falls

Plumber Carol is a Plumber currently stationed in Forgotten Falls to keep watch on one of the filtering machines that are making sure infected water from The Canopy doesn't spread down the river into the ocean. One of her missions will provide the hero the clue to Thromnambular VIII. It will be necessary to get her an items from nearby Great Terrorpins for a new fashion of hers. She received a bigger rôle upon the release of new Level 27 and Level 28 missions. She needs help with repairing a CD Grandpa Max had given her, thinning the number of Sickle Simians, and stopping Numbuh 621 from mass-producing his Loconuts. Plumber Carol is also very distrustful of 2 x 4 Technology.

Alongside fellow Plumber, Nathan, she is one of the only Plumbers who is visible in-game without her helmet on.

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