Grandpa MaxA Nano Mission Plant Problems
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Grandpa Max
Place Townsville Park - Downtown
My Notes

Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
Are you ready for a new Nano? I need help in the Townsville Park infected zone.
Step 1
Go to the Fissure.
Plant Problems
I have been studying the effects of Fusion Matter on plant life. I was taking readings at Galaxy Gardens when I was noticed by a squad of Sky Drones. I barely escaped ant took cover inside the Fissure here in the park. Unfortunately, I lost my laptop!
Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
I lost my laptop somewhere inside the Fissure. Please find it.
Step 2
Recover Max's laptop.
Plant Problems
That's it! I'm so glad you found it. I've got lots of useful data on there.
DexterA Dexter
Urgent! Fusion Max has captured me inside Townsville Park hurry!
Step 3
Enter the Fusion Gate.
Plant Problems
Fusion Max's lair is inside the Fissure. I should have guessed. Quickly, get moving. You need to rescue Dexter.
DexterA Dexter
You're finally here! These Shady Streetlights have me trapped! Get them!!
Step 4
Defeat six Shady Streetlights.
Plant Problems
Fusion Max has captured Dexter and is guarding him with Shady Streetlights! You'd better defeat six of them.
DexterA Dexter
Thank you for your assistance! Please bring Max's laptop to me.
Step 5
Talk to Dexter.
Plant Problems
Good work defeating those Shady Streetlights. Talk to Dexter and find out what happened. Make sure you give him my laptop.
DexterA Dexter
Thank you for this laptop. Max's plant research is similar to Mojo Jojo's recent work with Fusion Matter and bananas. But enough of need to take on Fusion Max! I cannot go on.
Grandpa MaxA Grandpa Max
Get Fusion Max! And look for an item that might let you make a new Nano.
Step 6
Defeat Fusion Max.
Plant Problems
Fusion Max is extremely clever, even for a Fusion! Defeat him, and whatever you do, don't let him get his hands on Dexter or that laptop!


NanoFour Arms

Nano: Fourarms

Type: Cosmix


Sleep - Self Area Sleep - Self Area

Scavage Scavage

Leech - Point Leech - Point

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