Hoss DelgadoA Guide Mission Pit Stop
Level 30
Difficulty Hard
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devil's Bluff
Run through the Firepits in time and return back to Hoss
My Notes

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
I'm prepared to give you the awesomest weapon in my arsenal. But I want you to see your speed. Make it through the Firepits in time, and I'll know you're worthy.

Step Move fast to the Firepits (Timed)
If you want to get to the bottom of Fuse's dark plans, you need to show me your speed. If you can run to the edge of the Firepits before time runs out, I'll know you're ready.

Step Return to Hoss
That was a good run through the Firepits. Come back to me and I'll give you a totally buttkicking weapon.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Good Job. You're tough AND fast.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Come back to me.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
I gotta admit, you've got liquid steel in your veins. That was a good run through the Firepits. With more kids like you around, Fuse won't stand a chance.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Well done. You get good marks for toughness and speed. Are you ready to take the pain to Fuse's front door? Good. Here's the RRRBG.