Jellybean JaneA World Mission Pirate Love
Level 7
Difficulty Normal
Character Jellybean Jane
Place Candy Cove-The Suburbs
Find the peppermint heart and take it to Brittle Butter as a token of Jellybean Jane's affection
My Notes
Jellybean Jane wants to show Brittle Butter her true feelings but the Candy Buccaneers have stolen her pepperment heart. Go get it back and deliver the candy to her true love.

Mission Offer

Pirate Love
Arrr, I be most upset. I left Stickybeard's crew to be with me true love, Brittle Butter. Yet he don't know me true feelings. Will ye help me express me emotions?

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat the Candy Buccaneers

Pirate Love
I used to have a peppermint heart, but it was stolen by them Candy Buccaneers. Can ye recover it?

Jellybean JaneA Jellybean Jane
Ye have accomplished yer goal. Can ye bring that heart to Brittle Butter?

Jellybean JaneA Jellybean Jane
He be at the top of the ship. Tell him it's from Jellybean Jane.

Step 2
Deliver candy to Brittle Butter

Pirate Love
Now that ye have the peppermint heart, please bring it to Brittle Butter as an expression of me true feelings.

Brittle ButterA Brittle Butter
What's this? A delicious candy heart from Jellybean Jane? Why, I had no idea she felt this way. She never told me she had a fancy for peppermint!

Step 3
Return to Jellybean Jane

Pirate Love
Did ye give him the peppermint heart? Please come back to me and tell me what he says!

Mission Summary

Pirate Love
Ye have my thanks. 'Tis hard to be a tough Candy Pirate on the outside when ye feel so tender on the inside, like a caramel-filled piece of chocolate.

Jellybean JaneA Jellybean Jane
Oh, he didn't understand me true feelings? Arrr! I suppose if ye want to express yer love, ye need to do it yourself. Thanks for the help. I learned me lesson.

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