MacA Nano Mission Pac Attack
Level 26
Difficulty Hard
Character Mac
Place Mt. Blackhead- The wilds
Defeat fusion Mac and get Mac nano!
My Notes
MacA Mac
It's nano time! cool. go to really twisted forest, ok?
Step 1
Defeat the boarbills
Pack Attack
Go to the Really Twisted Forest. You need to find the Boarbills in the Really Twisted Forest to recover my stolen backpack.
MacA Mac
You got it! Thanks!
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Look out! There's a Gooby Trap in there! Get rid of the pack at Forgotten Falls!
Step 2
Race to Forgotten Falls
Pack Attack
Uh-oh! Numbuh Four says that the monsters put a Gooby Trap in my backpack. Better get rid of it! Hurry!
MacA Mac
Phew. That was a close one.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Careful, Mate! There's a Fusion in your area. See if you can find his hideout.
Step 3
Find Fusion Mac's hideout
Pack Attack
Numbuh Four is detecting a Fusion in the area. I'll bet it's that Fusion Mac. That kid scares me.
MacA Mac
Fusion Mac is here! But you need to beat those Striding Lampreys, first.
Step 4
Defeat six Striding Lampreys
Pack Attack
Fusion Mac is being guarded by Striding Lampreys! You gotta fight 'em!
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
Good show, Mate! Now can you take down that Fusion?
Step 5
Defeat Fusion Mac
Pack Attack
Holy cow! Can you stop Fusion Mac and get my other backpack back?



Nano: Mac

Type: Blastons


Rocket - SelfRocket - Self

Sneak - SelfSneak - Self

Sleep - ConeSleep - Cone

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