Part One of Two

Level 11 Normal
Numbuh Five
Genius Grove - The Suburbs
Mission reward: Level 11 Mission Crate, 1200 Fusion Matter, 586 Taros

The alarm is ringing at the nuclear power plant! Can you help defend it? I just got back from a fight with Fusion Father, and I'm wiped.

Ventilators are attacking the nuclear power plant near Endsville. They're carrying some kind of box. It could be a doomsday device!

  • Deliver box to Numbuh Five.

Now that you recovered that box from the Ventilators, bring it back to me so we can see what's inside.

Numbuh Five Great! Bring the box back here. Let's see what's inside.

thinks this is weird. Why would the Ventilators be carrying Scribbles from Foster's Home to the nuclear plant? Anyway, good work.

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