BenA Guide Mission Nowhere To Go
Level 23
Difficulty Hard
Character Ben
Place Offworld Plaza
My Notes
I fought strange eggplant monsters in Nowhere and discovered a crashed ship from Anurphaetos. I turned off the jamming signal so Max could launch his satellite into orbit.

Nowhere To Go
There's some unusual atmospheric disturbance being generated in Nowhere. We need to figure out what it is, or Max won't be able to launch his satellite.

Step 1
Go to Nowhere

BenA Ben
I need you to go to Nowhere to investigate some strange energy

Step 2
Defeat eight Moussaka Masters.

Step 3
Deactivate scrambling signal.

BenA Ben
Now you have to find the ship that's causing the atmospheric disturbance to deactivate the scrambling signal. I'll send you the coordinates.

Step 4
Return to Ben

BenA Ben
Great work out there. Come on back to the space port in Offworld Plaza for your reward.

BenA Ben
Nice work out in the middle of Nowhere. Now that we've cleared up that atmospheric disturbance, we need to find the other half of that energy cell for Max.

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