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Note: If you completed a different set of Nano Missions in the past (before the update), you can still obtain the Finn, Alien X, and Rex Nanos by inputting a code. Now you can obtain Mordecai, Rigby, Princess Bubblegum, Gumball Watterson and Darwin by inputting a code.

Nano mission levels follow the format Retro/Academy, when applicable.

Nano Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
A Fusion Matter00HardButtercupTech Square (The Future)
Practice Pranks01HardNumbuh TwoSector V (The Future)
Basic Training (Part 3 of 3)Not in Retro Small/01HardBenNull Void
Advanced Training (Part 3 of 6)Not in Retro Small/02HardLanceProvidence HQ
Advanced Training (Part 4 of 6)Not in Retro Small/02HardLanceProvidence HQ
Sector DefenseNot in Retro Small/04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Unstable NanoNot in Retro Small/04EasyDexterDexLabs
Get Reddy02/04HardEddyPeach Creek Commons/Peach Creek Commons (The Future)
Scary Monsters03/08HardEduardoFoster's Home/Peach Creek Commons (The Future)
Lame Imitation04/04HardBlossomSector V
Fizzy Rox And Roll05/04HardWiltPeach Creek Commons
Cloffee CaperNot in Retro Small/04HardChowderPeach Creek Commons
Lab Accidents06/04HardDee DeeGenius Grove
Creature Discomfort07/04HardNumbuh FiveGenius Grove
Defender Amp FuseNot in Retro Small/04HardParadoxPeach Creek Commons
Sorted CheesesNot in Retro Small/08HardMr. Herriman Foster's Home
Mistaken Eddentity08/08HardEddPeach Creek Commons
Scrapheap Scrap09/08HardCoopGoat's Junk Yard
Carnival Collection10/08HardBillyEndsville
Mutation Abomination11/08HardProfessor UtoniumGenius Grove
Scooter ScrambleNot in Retro Small/08HardJohnny TestNuclear Plant
Origin of the SpaciesNot in Retro Small/12HardOctusHabitat Homes
A Personal MatterNot in Retro Small/12HardButtercupMarquee Row
Doppelganger Gang12/12HardHimHabitat Homes
Leaderbored13/12HardBlooCity Point
Squirrel Squad14/12HardBubblesCity Hall
Cap'n CourageousNot in Retro Small/12HardFlapjackLeakey Lake
Go, Demongo, Go15/12HardThe ScotsmanTownsville Park
Plant Problems16/16HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Skunk Support17/16HardNumbuh OneTownsville Park
Going Bananas18/16HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Leet Cheats19/16HardMandarkTech Square
These Are A Few Of His Favorite ThingsNot in Retro Small/12HardJohnny BravoOrchid Bay
Double TakeNot in Retro Small/16HardJakeIce King's Palace
Penguin PlansNot in Retro Small/16HardIce KingIce King's Palace
Bad BehaviorNot in Retro Small/16HardZak SaturdayMount Blackhead
Let Me Tell You about Rath!Not in Retro Small/20HardGrandpa MaxShip's Interior
Things Look Grim20/20HardGrimOrchid Bay
Lab Monkeys21/20HardDexterTech Square
Souls For Sale22/20HardVilgaxOffworld Plaza
Alien Abductions23/20HardBenOffworld Plaza
Hands Off24/24HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Bird Beast25/24HardCocoMount Blackhead
Pack Attack26/24HardMacMount Blackhead
My Monkeys!27/24HardNumbuh ThreeMount Blackhead
Charmed Life28/28HardHexDevil's Bluff
Alien Totem Poll29/28HardJuniper LeeNowhere
Tree Trouble30/28HardNumbuh FourMount Blackhead
Royal Ed-Viser31/28HardEdMount Blackhead
Ring Around the Collar32/32HardCourageNowhere
Plant a Seed33/32HardSamurai JackForsaken Valley
Demon Attack34/32HardDemongoHuntor's Crest
Prehistoric Plot35/32HardTetraxForsaken Valley

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