MacA World Mission Mystery of the Meteor (Part 6 of 6)
Level 19
Difficulty Hard
Character Mac
Place Mount Blackhead
Defend Coco from monsters.
My Notes
After saving Coco, I used one of her eggs to get through a Fusion Portal to fight Fusion Mac. I don't know how one of her eggs opened the portal. Gwen thinks it could have been one of Fusion Coco's eggs, but why would she help us?

Mission Offer

Mystery of the Meteor (Part 6 of 6)

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Twisted Forest.

MacA Mac
The Creeper Kings in this area are planning an attack.

Step 2
Defeat six Creeper Kings.

Creeper King: 0/6

MacA Mac
Coco should be safe now.

MacA Mac
Now you need to stop the Freakish Frogs from eating her eggs.

Step 3
Defeat eight Freakish Frogs.

Freakish Frog: 0/8

MacA Mac
Hey, it looks like those monsters dropped an egg.

Step 4
Find the Fusion Lair.

Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
There's a Fusion Portal in your area. Maybe you can use the egg to get inside.

Step 5
Enter Fusion Portal.

MacA Mac
Look out! It's Fusion Mac!

Step 6
Defeat Fusion Mac.

Fusion Mac: 0/1

MacA Mac
Cool! I didn't know Coco's eggs could open Fusion Portals.

Step 7
Exit the area.

MacA Mac
Look, Fusion Mac dropped something. Grab it and get out of there.

Step 8
Deliver device to Gwen.

Mission Summary

Mystery of the Meteor (Part 6 of 6)
That was weird that Coco's egg let you through the Fusion Portal. I didn't know she could do that! Even though you beat Fusion Mac, he might be back.

GwenA Gwen
Thanks. This Fusion Interpreter will help us decode the messages contained in Fusion Matter. I suspect the egg you used to get into the portal was from Fusion Coco. Why would she help us?

Mystery of the Meteor Saga

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