Fuzzy LumkinsA World Mission Mystery of the Meteor (Part 2 of 6)
Level 15
Difficulty Normal
Character Fuzzy Lumkins
Place Leaky Lake
Obtain the meteor's rock.
My Notes
Fuzzy has his gumbo, and Gwen can hopefully learn some more about Planet Fusion thanks to the rock.

Fuzzy Lumkins is willing to give you the meteor in trade for some of the 'ingredients' needed for his fusion gumbo.
Step 1
Collect 5 Clawdad claws.
Fuzzy LumkinsA Fuzzy Lumkins
Well now its on to the next item on our list, Striding Eel guts.
Step 2
Get guts from 7 Striding Eels.
Fuzzy LumkinsA Fuzzy Lumkins
You've gotten the last thing that Fuzzy needed, now to deliver the ingredients for the gumbo.
Step 3
Deliver the claws and guts to Fuzzy.

Fuzzy happily takes the lot and then hands over the rock.

Numbuh 3A Numbuh 3
You need to take it over to Gwen so she can take a look at it.
Step 3
Deliver the rock to Gwen.

On delivering the rock to Gwen, the player completes the mission.

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