Rewards- Car Racer Shirt(Level 26)

6700 Fusion Matter 5484 Taros

  • Deliver Brownies to General

Mel Anzana- Take a tray of brownies to GeneraL Tso in the Upper Catacombs so that The Chickens From Outer Space know that we eggplants feel badly about this misunderstanding.

General Tso- Brownies? For me? Oh there's a card."Dear General Tso, sorry about your people getting attacked. We didn't do it. Love, Mel Anzana. Your favorite eggplant." That's nice, but if Mel Anzana wants peace, you'll have to recover my eggshell helmet and my rotisserie ray gun. They have been stolen by Cryptworms!

  • Defeat the cryptworms
Eggshell Helmet 0/1

Mel Anzana(Mission Journal)- General Tso would like you to recover his stolen eggshell helmet and rotisserie ray gun from the cryptworms in the Lower Catacombs. Such is the price of peace.

  • Eggshell Helmet 1/1

General Tso(Nanocom)- I've seen better moves on a big, fat hen. Now find my gun!

  • Defeat More Cryptworms
Rottiserie Ray Gun 0/1

General Tso(Nanocom)- That was fine work, human. Bring me my stuff back, now!

  • Return General Tso's Equipment
Tray of Brownies 1/1
Eggshell Helmet 1/1
Rotisserie Ray Gun 1/1

Mel Anzana(Mission Journal)- Good job. Bring the rotisserie ray gun and the eggshell helmet back to General Tso.

General Tso- Thanks, kid. The Chickens from Outer Space are in your debt. I suppose I will accept the eggplants' peace offering now. Mmmm, I sure do love brownies! Bock.

  • Talk to Mel Anzana

Mel Anzana(Mission Journal)- He accepted the brownies? Stupendous! You may have just helped avoid a war. Come back to me so I can offer thanks.

Mel Anzana(Nanocom)- Great job. Come and see me now that your job is complete.

Mel Anzana(Mission Journal)- That was stupendous of you to bring the brownies to General Tso. He's a tough old bird, but I think we finally see peace between chicken and eggplant.

Mel Anzana- Nobody can resist a batch of Mel Anzana's famous eggplant brownies. I hope the trouble is over. Here's a token of our gratitude.

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