Mordecai is the protagonist of Regular Show. He is a twenty-something anthropomorphic blue jay, who is best friends with a raccoon named Rigby and works at a park with him. He is only slightly less of a slacker than Rigby, though he tends to appear slightly more grounded and intelligent.  Both, however, are constantly being threatened with being fired by their boss, Benson, often because they have a tendency to unleash demons, monsters, and other "magical elements" on the Park with near-disastrous results.


Mordecai doesn't appear in person in FusionFall, but he is a code Nano along with Rigby, obtained through the code: FFCyeeaaahhh

FusionFall Heroes

In FusionFall Heroes, Regular Mordecai is a playable character armed with a rake, capable of clearing crowds of enemies with its long reach.  He has various heroic upgrades, as appear in the Gallery, below:



  • In FusionFall Heroes, Mordecai has a hero form with Valhallen's powers. This might be the same case with Grim.
  • Mordecai's FusionFall Nano has a power called "Working for the Weekend."  This is a reference to the Loverboy song, "Working for the Weekend," which played on episode three, "Caffeinated Concert Tickets," of Regular Show.

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