CourageA Guide Mission Monster Mash
Level 30
Difficulty Hard
Character Courage
Place Nowhere - The Wilds
Get Courage's bone from the Firepits.
My Notes
I defeated Miasma Hulks in the Firepits to recover Courage's bone, but it was covered in fusion goo. So I went to the Infected Zone to dispose of it.

Mission Offer

Monster Mash

Mission Details

Monster Mash
You'd better get some practice before you go to Fuse's Lair. The scary Miasma Hulks in the Firepits stole my bone! Howl! Can you get it back?

Step 1
Defeat the Miasma Hulks.

Monster Mash
Head out to the Firepits. You will find some really scary creatures there. Whimper! You need to fight the Miasma Hulks to get my bone back!

CourageA Courage
You got it, but it is covered in yucky Fuse goo.

CourageA Courage

Step 2
Dispose of Courage's bone.

Monster Mash
Thanks for getting my bone back, but it's covered in disgusting Fusion glop. You need to take it into the Infected Zone and get rid of it.

CourageA Courage
Oh, my poor bone! You can come back now.

Step 3
Return to Courage.

Monster Mash
My bone... another casualty. Arooo! Please come back to me in Nowhere, and I'll give you a reward.

Monster Mash
If you can beat Miasma Hulks, you're probably ready for Fuse's Lair. But we still don't know the exact location of the candy. Too bad about my bone. Whimper!

CourageA Courage
You must really be brave if you can defeat scary monsters like the ones in the Firepits. Here, take this Candy Pirate sword that I found. Go get that candy!

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