Boomer BangoA World Mission Monkeying Around
Level 20
Difficulty Normal
Character Boomer Bango
Place Mojo's Volcano
Defeat Spawn Simians near Mojo's HQ.
My Notes
I defeated a bunch of Spawn Simians near Mojo's Volcano and sent a secret message to the monkeys at Monkey Mountain.

Step 1
Go down near the Spawn Simians and talk to Boomer Bango to start the mission.
Step 2
Defeat nine Spawn Simians.
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Good! Take that, alien monkey creatures!
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Now please go use the console at Mojo's Volcano to send a message.
Step 3
Use console to send message to finish the mission.
Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Thanks! I hope we hear something from my monkey friends soon.

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