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Skyway Agent

A Monkey Skyway Agent.

Monkey Skyway Agents are a form of transportation that flies players to various stops throughout the world for a fee. The Monkey Skyway system was created by Mojo Jojo and operations are carried out by his Monkey Minions equipped with jetpacks.

The fees are generally cheaper than that of the KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R. This system is slower than the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., inasmuch as Monkey Skyway Agents give a visual view of the path. It is currently the most commonly found type of Transport Hub. The largest Transport Hubs of this type are at Peach Creek Commons, City Station, and Mount Blackhead.

The Skyway is designed for shorter hops between neighborhoods within a region. There are a number of Monkey Skyway stations in each region, but they do not connect across regional boundaries. An exception is the crossing between Foster's Home and Camp Kidney. They are in the beginning of the Fusionfall manga comic with Mojo Jojo.

List of areas with Monkey Skyway Services

The Future


The Past



M.S.Downtown map

{C Map: Every travel can be done in both directions (A-B, B-A), with exception for 'City Hall - Tech Square' which is one-way only.

The Wilds


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