Monkey Foothills Map
Monkey Foothills
Area Level 27
NPCs Ted Nougat
Jordan Almond

Monkey Foothills is a region of the FusionFall universe known for being in the shadow of Monkey Mountain and the end point of the Twisted River, directly after the Forgotten Falls. Several brigades of Monkey Minion Explorers are found here, scouting this territory on behalf of Mojo Jojo. Tootie, a Fusion Blowfish, can also be found patrolling the area.

Monkey Foothills also has a small camp run by Monkey Minions, including a Skyway Agent and a Nano station. The docks on the coast also have two widely-used transports, the Kumari Admirals and Serpents, providing the only route to the Darklands without a registered S.C.A.M.P.E.R., and Whoosh, the Alpha Whale providing service to Orchid Bay. Tootie can be found in this location (see Tootie)


Dire Ape Name Dire Ape
Boss Alpha Ape
Level 27
Type Adaptium
The ape is the undisputed king of Monkey Mountain. He didn't get his title through popular vote, but through brute force. Unfortunately for you, he still has plenty to spare.
Corruption Attack



Area: Monkey Foothills

Sickle Simian Name Sickle Simian
Boss Sickle Simian Hunter
Level 27
Type Cosmix
The Sickle Simian's hands have evolved into sharp claws, useful for gripping the steep rock face of Monkey Mountain. His curved claws are also good for dispatching explorers who venture onto his turf.

Area: Monkey Foothills

Volcano Vaulter Name Volcano Vaulter
Boss Mega Volcano Vaulter
Level 27
Type Blastons
Having adapted to treacherous rock faces like his canyon-dwelling siblings, the Volcano Vaulter is at home on Monkey Mountain. Unlike his brothers, the Vaulter has developed the ability to leap great distances to cross the lava flows safely.
Corruption Attack


Battery Drain

Area: Monkey Foothills


Monkey Skyway Agent

Really Twisted Forest Icon Really Twisted Forest

Whoosh, the Alpha Whale Destinations

Orchid Bay Icon Orchid Bay

Kumari Serpent Destinations

Forsaken Valley Icon Forsaken Valley

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