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Providence AgentA World Mission Monkey Business
Level 16
Difficulty Normal
Character Providence Agent
Place Townsville Center - Downtown
Collect samples of Monster DNA.
My Notes
I collected 3 DNA samples and discovered a sewer entrance.

Mission Offer

Monkey Business!

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat 5 Shady Streetlights.

Providence AgentA Providence Agent
Some samples from the Dire Raptors would be helpful.

Step 2
Defeat 5 Dire Raptors.

Providence AgentA Providence Agent
Some Asphalt Freak samples would be good too.

Step 3
Defeat 5 Asphalt Freaks.

Step 4
Investigate the area.

Providence AgentA Providence Agent
Great! I'll report this sewer to Providence at once.

Step 5
Talk to Bobo.

Mission Summary

Monkey Business!

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