Mojo Jojo Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Kids Wanted04NormalJibba JabbaSector V
Poster Imposter04HardJibba JabbaSector V
First Matey05HardJibba JabbaSector V
Me and Him05HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Under Development06HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Gun Run06HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Wing And a Prayer07HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Blood Feud08HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Sweet Recovery09HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Chemical Xcursion10HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Say Cheese11HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
Monkey Business12HardFatherPeach Creek Commons
A Boy Named Sue13HardRamma JammaCity Station
Not-So-Secret Admirer14HardMandroid M-99City Station
Invention Protection, Part One15HardMandroid M-99City Station
Invention Protection, Part Two16HardMandroid M-99City Station
Wharf War17HardMandroid M-99City Station
Beach Boom18HardMandroid M-99City Station
Guilt Trip19HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Panicked Attack20HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Arboretum Beat 'Em Up21HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Tech Squares22HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Chemical Xpert23HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Princess Pal24HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Fuzzy Wuzzy25HardFuzzy LumkinsLeakey Lake
Water You Doing?26HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Post Hypnotic Infection27HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Monkey Shines28HardMandyDevil's Bluff
All Systems Go, Mojo29HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Double Doublecross30HardMojo JojoMojo's Volcano
Know Your Roots 31HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Tree Trapped32HardMandyDevil's Bluff
The Lair Out There33HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Move Over, Mandy34HardMandyDevil's Bluff
Prince Charming35HardMandyDevil's Bluff
The Cracks of Fuse36HardMandyDevil's Bluff

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