EddA Nano Mission Mistaken Eddentity
Level 8
Difficulty Hard
Character Edd
Place Peach Creek Commons - The Suburbs
Prove that Edd hasn't been causing trouble at Father's development site and take down Fusion Edd.
My Notes
Father is accusing Edd of causing trouble at his Delightful Development building site. Go prove Edd's innocence and take down Fusion Edd!

Mission Offer

Mistaken Eddentity
If you're ready for a new Nano mission, I've got just the task for you. Father keeps sending me emails asking me to stay away from the housing development! I'm bewildered. Will you look into it for me?

Mission Details

EddA Edd
Can you go to the Peach Creek infected zone? Father said he saw me there!

Step 1
Enter Peach Creek infected zone.

Mistaken Eddentity
Can you please go to the Peach Creek Estates infected zone and figure out why Father sent me an angry email? I will forward it to you for review.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Mistaken Eddentity
--FORWARDED MESSAGE ATTACHED--To:Edd--From:Father--Cease and desist! I know children are inquisitive, but why do you insist on causing trouble at my housing development in Peach Creek Estates? Continue with this behavior and risk disciplinary action! Stay away!

EddA Edd
Perhaps Father has some security data that will shed some light on this situation.

Step 2
Find security data.

Mistaken Eddentity
I am certain that Father has installed adequate security measures. Investigate Delightful Developments for the relevant data. Be careful; the general vicinity is overrun with repulsive Fusion Matter!

EddA Edd
You found some security footage! See if you can find a way to send it to me.

EddA Edd
Maybe here's a terminal in the vicinity that you can use.

Step 3
Locate a computer terminal

Mistaken Eddentity
Now that you have the security footage, I'll bet there's a terminal here somewhere that you can use to transmit the images to me.

EddA Edd
Recieving images now. Hey, that's not me! That's a weird Fusion creature.

EddA Edd
I'm gonna send this stuff to Father. Meanwhile, get yourself to safe ground.

Step 4
Find safe ground

Mistaken Eddentity
Thanks for sending me that footage. It's not me! I see a bizarre Fusion monstrosity in these images. I am going to send these to Father right now. In the meantime, get to safe ground.

FatherA Father
Listen up, children! I've reviewed the images. Edd appears to be innocent.

FatherA Father
There's a Fusion causing trouble in my housing development. Go get him!

Step 5
Enter Fusion Portal

Mistaken Eddentity
Be careful! Before you take on Fusion Edd, you need to defeat some of those Crash Loaders!

EddA Edd
Crash Loaders are guarding Fusion Edd. Take them out!

Step 6
Defeat six Crash Loaders

Mistaken Eddentity
Be careful! Before you take on Fusion Edd, you need to defeat some of those Crash Loaders!

FatherA Father
Excellent. Now you need to find Fusion Edd and defeat him.

EddA Edd
You're ready for this!

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Edd

Mistaken Eddentity
Now it's time for you to fight Fusion Edd. Oh, dear, I can't look! If he has my stolen Sock Hat, I'll bet you can make an Edd Nano!



Nano: Edd

Type: Cosmix


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