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PLEASE NOTE: All of the Future missions have been deleted or moved to the Past

If any page does not follow the mission format, please fix it immediately.

Missions are one of the three possible ways of winning Fusion Matter and unique items. All of the missions depend on the player's level. They are handed out by the Cartoon Network characters in the game and normally consist of or a combination of the following goals, being timed or not:

  • Meet a certain NPC on the map.
  • Talk to another NPC.
  • Defeat a certain number of enemies.
  • Collect and deliver an item or object.

Missions are stored in the journal after being completed. The journal divides the missions into 3 types:

  • Nano Missions - Information about a Fusion can be found by find the NPC with the mission,. After completing a Nano Mission, the player will be rewarded with the appropriate Nano.
  • Guide Missions - Guide Missions give players sets of items (Guide Mission Rewards), based on their current guide. They affect the plot of the game, and each guide has a different goal, which the associated guide missions will generally help them accomplish.
  • World Missions - Missions given by different NPC characters in the player's area.

By completing missions players gain Taros (FusionFall Currency), Fusion Matter (EXP points used for making Nanos) and/or an item or C.R.A.T.E. (via a C.R.A.T.E. when opened becomes an item). The active journal has space for 1 Nano Mission, 1 Guide Mission and up to 4 World Missions at a time. Guide Missions top at the current level of the character, therefore no new Guide Missions can be added to the journal until the character levels up or changes Guides to one in a lower level of completion. If Guides are changed before completing the current Guide Mission, the mission will be deleted and it must be started again after changing the Guide back to the first one.

If there is a * next to a mission name, it is not available in Retro.

Nano Missions

Note: If you completed a different set of Nano Missions in the past (before the update), you can still obtain the Finn, Alien X, and Rex Nanos by inputting a code. Now you can obtain Mordecai, Rigby, Princess Bubblegum, Gumball Watterson and Darwin by inputting a code.

Guide Missions

World Missions

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