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Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.

MandarkA World Mission Messages Across Time
Level 04
Difficulty Easy
Character Mandark
Place Genius Grove (The Future)
Send four messages to the past for Mandark.
My Notes
Using Mandark's Synchronization Engine, I was able to send messages to the past. I sent one each to Dexter, Edd, Ben and Mojo Jojo.

Mission Offer

Messages Across Time
My Synchronization Engine alone cannot transport matter across the space-time continuum, but it can transport a message. I want you to send one for me.

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to wormhole at crash site

Messages Across Time
I want you to send messages to four individuals in the past: Dexter, Edd, Ben Tennyson and Mojo Jojo. There are wormholes in the fabric of space that will allow this to work. I will send you their locations. The first is here in Genius Grove near a Terrafuser crash site. We will send the message to Dexter.

MandarkA Mandark
Good. I've uploaded the message to the Synchronization Engine. Sending!

MandarkA Mandark
The next wormhole is in the Cul-de-Sac, where you can send a message to Edd.

Step 2
Go to Cul-de-Sac

Messages Across Time
Next, you will need to go to the Cul-de-Sac in Peach Creek Commons, where I've located a wormhole that you can use to send a message to Edd in the past. Once all these individuals have received this message, they will know to expect you in the past! Ha ha!

MandarkA Mandark
Message uploaded to Sychronization Engine and sent. Ha ha ha!

MandarkA Mandark
I've located the next wormhole at Hero Square in Sector V.

Step 3
Go to wormhole in Hero Square

Messages Across Time
You must now send a third message to Ben Tennyson from Hero Square in Sector V. When we're done, all in the past will know the genius of Mandark! Ha ha ha ha ha!

MandarkA Mandark
The message in the Sychronization Engine is now going to Ben Tennyson.

MandarkA Mandark
The last wormhole is in Pokey Oaks South, but it is unstable. You must be fast!

Step 4
Race to Finn's house

Messages Across Time
The last wormhole can be found in Pokey Oaks South near that kid Finn's house. But the fabric of space-time is unstable. You need to get there quickly if we are to send this final message to Mojo Jojo.

MandarkA Mandark
Good work! All four messages were sent. All will bow to Mandark's genius!

MandarkA Mandark
You've done well. Come see me for a reward.

Step 5
Return to Mandark

Messages Across Time
If you do manage to get back to the past, remind everyone that you couldn't have done it without me. Especially Dexter. He must be reminded of the fact that his genius cannot match mine. Ha! Now please come back to me in Genius Grove.

Mission Summary

Messages Across Time
Thanks for sending those messages. Now when you go back to the past to save the future, all will know that they have Mandark to thank! Ha! Ha ha ha!

MandarkA Mandark
You did especially good work this time. Thanks to my genius, everyone in the past will know that I helped save the future. Now you just have to do the hard part. Finish the time machine!

Note: This Mission Has Been Removed.

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