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Goat's Junk Yard - Future infected zone
Series Megas XLR
Location Goat's Junk Yard

Megas is a giant robot from the TV show Megas XLR.

In FusionFall, Fuse decided it was Megas would be too powerful an opponent, so he had it trapped in Fusion Matter. It is found in the Goat's Junkyard area. The player receives numerous missions from Coop to repair Megas. The hero also gets missions to retrieve items Coop left behind in Megas, such as late and overdue movies and video games. Megas seems rather resistant to Fusion Matter, despite being covered in it, and has not been turned into it. There is a Nano of Megas, which is obtained by defeating Fusion Coop. There is also a vehicle that is colored like the Nano.



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