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ComputressA World Mission Meet Edd
Level 3
Difficulty Easy
Character Computress
Place Mt. Neverest
Talk to Edd
My Notes
I talked to Edd and learned what his guide missions have to offer.

Mission Offer

ComputressA Computress
Now that your training is complete you must choose a guide to assist. The guide you select will determine the primary quest you will pursue and the armor you will receive. Speak with each guide before making a decision.

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Edd

ComputressA Computress
Edd has discovered something he believes to be of great value, though some heroes disagree. Speak with him now.

EddA Edd
Brave recruit, I've discovered a treasure map I think is quite valuable. Fuse's minions even attempted to steal it right under my nose! Join me so we can uncover the treasure Fuse so obviously desires!

Step 2
Talk to Computress.

ComputressA Computress
Now there is but one more guide for you to speak with. Return to me and I'll send you in the right direction.

Mission Summary

Meet Edd
Now that you've spoken with Edd, you must decide whether or not you believe that his pursuit has value.

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