FatherA Guide Mission Mission Me and Him
Level 5
Difficulty Hard
Character Father
Place Peach Creek Commons - The Suburbs
Do a favor for Him and Mojo Jojo.
My Notes
I defeated the monsters in Pokey Oaks North and recovered Him's moisturizer.

Mission Offer

Me and Him
According to Stickybeard's map, the monsters in Pokey Oaks North are dangerous. Very dangerous! Do you think you can go there and do a favor for Mojo Jojo?

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to Pokey Oaks North.
Me and Him
According to Stickybeard's map, Pokey Oaks North is quite dangerous. Mojo Jojo wants you to go there to do a favor for his friend, Him.
HimA Him
Hello there! Are you the one that Mojo found to help me?
HimA Him
Get my moisturizer back from those troublesome Mean Behemoths.
Step 2
Defeat the Mean Behemoths.

Him's Moisturizer: 0/1

Me and Him
Mojo wants you to get Him's moisturizer back from the Mean Behemoths in Pokey Oaks North. Perhaps Him will join our cause as a result. Try not to get too hurt, I suppose. Heh.
HimA Him
That will teach Fuse a lesson. He is a detriment to my villainous enterprises.
HimA Him
Bring that Moisturizer to Father. And look me up next time you're in Endsville!
Step 3
Bring moisturizer to Father.
Me and Him

Mission Summary:

Me and Him
You did exceptional work in Pokey Oaks. Just wait until you see the cemetery! You may want to adopt a permanent position out there. I could help you.
FatherA Father
Take this reward. I wonder if Mojo is trying to get his old team, the Beat-Alls, back together?

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