Numbuh 311A Guide Mission Max Marathon
Level 13
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh 311
Place City Point
My Notes

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Max Marathon
Grandpa max needs a special piece of equipment from the KND. Speak to Numbuh 311 at Dizzy world. She’s got the gear and will help you on your way.
Numbuh 311A Numbuh 311
Grandpa Max is waiting for you in Townsville park. You need to bring him this TRACKAMABOB. But hurry, the batteries are almost dead!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Max Marathon
You’re doing an amazing Job. You’re definitely ready for the next leg of your journey. Bring that thing to Max at the fissure in the park. I’m sure he’ll have some missions for you.
Step 1
Deliver TRACKAMABOB to Grandpa Max
Numbuh 311A Numbuh 311
Good work. I hope Grandpa Max makes use of that Trackamabob. Meanwhile, I gotta help the operatives in offworld plaza. I hope we’re back in space soon.

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