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Mario Superior
Mario Superior
You should check out the skate park. It's infected, but it's still fun.

Mario Superior is a punk teenager who seems to like skating. Although he doesn't really have any significance in anything other than FusionFall, he seems to be wearing a B.R.A. (Battle Ready Armor), so it can be assumed he is a teenager from the Kids Next Door; but he is the NPC of Mario Piedra.[1]

Mario Superior gives out missions in "Orchid Bay Blitz (Part 1 of 2)" and "Orchid Bay Blitz (Part 2 of 2)" and plays a role in "Arrrmed Forces (Part 3 of 6)" at Level 18.


  1. "His in-game NPC is Mario Superior" (the Art Director), 27 March 2013.

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