Marie Kanker is the sister to May and Lee Kanker. She has a huge crush on Edd, being like him the smartest one of the three.


She is building a Trojan Hamburger, which she hopes the Eds will mistake it for a real giant hamburger and unknowingly let them inside the Cul-de-Sac, like Coop, who did make that mistake. She sometimes bullies the other kids, or Lee when she's not busy, into helping build it. She gives out numerous missions, but she does not have a Nano form.

In the Future, the Trojan Hamburger can be found at the side of what's left of the trailer park inside a big ditch full of Fusion Matter; the Kankers are nowhere to be found, but Eddy says: in the mission Trailer Trash, "They aren't around anymore".

Since this is the same thing said about the other sisters, it either implies that the three Kankers were killed OR moved sometime before Fuse's invasion.

Marie Kanker

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