Buttercup(Future)A World Mission Map Trap
Level 2
Difficulty Easy
Character Buttercup(Future)
Place Pokey Oaks North (The Future)
Collect a map of Pokey Oaks Junior High (The Future).
My Notes
I recovered a map of Pokey Oaks Junior High from the infected zone and delivered it to Buttercup.

Mission Offer (Needs to be filled in)

Map Trap

Mission Details

Step 1
Enter Pokey Oaks North Infected Zone.

Step 2
Find the Map.

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
Did you get it? Great! Can you bring it back to me?

Step 3
Deliver Map to Buttercup.

Map Trap
Thanks for collecting that map. Bring it back to me in Pokey Oaks North.

Mission Summary

Map Trap
Cool, thanks for bringing me the map of the school. Using this, we should be able to better plan our attacks on Fuse. Nice work!

Buttercup(Future)A Buttercup(Future)
Thanks. This map should help us plan our next attack on the infected zone in Pokey Oaks. We gotta get you back to the past to set things right!

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