Mojo JojoA World Mission Making Friends with Mojo (Part 4 of 4)
Level 21
Difficulty Hard
Character Mojo Jojo
Place Mojo's Volcano
Find Fusion Edd's secret lair.
My Notes
With some help from Mojo Jojo (and secret help from Eddy) I entered Fusion Edd's lair with a Fusion Plank. Then I defeated Fusion Edd!

Step 1
Talk to Mojo Jojo to start the mission.
Step 2
Find the lair in Galaxy Gardens.
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
Now you will take Fusion Plank inside to find Fusion Edd's hideout.
EddyA Eddy
You're gonna fight Fusion Double D? This oughta be sweet.
Step 3
Enter Fusion Edd's lair.
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
There is the annoying nuisance! Get rid of him! Ha ha ha!
Step 4
Defeat Fusion Edd.
EddyA Eddy
Whoah, that was pretty intense.
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
Indeed. Now leave this place and let me get back to my work.
Step 5
Exit the area

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