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Numbuh TwoA World Mission Major Miner
Level 10
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh Two
Place Sector V-The Suburbs
Access the hidden data miner
My Notes
You need to download the data from a data miner. But first you have to synchronize both Plumber access ports. And you have to do it quickly!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Major Miner
The Plumbers have a hidden data miner in the suburbs that has some useful information on it. Go check with Numbuh Two. He'll help you figure out how to access it. Thanks.-Ben

Mission Offer

Major Miner
Ben wants us to access some info from a remote data miner. You'll need to synchronize both Plumber access ports and download the data to your NanoCom.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Major Miner
Ready for another mission? This should be fun. Numbuh Two has a thumb drive that Max wants you to use to download the data from the data miner. First, you need to synchronize the access ports, starting with the one in the junkyard.-Ben

Mission Details

Step 1
Head to the salvage yard

Major Miner
You need to head over to the junkyard and find the access port. Remember where it is? Ben will contact you with further instructions.

BenA Ben
Cool. You remember where the access port is, right? Go find it!

Step 2
Touch the first access port

Major Miner
For security, the access ports need to be syncronized within a time limit. Get the one in the junkyard, then make a break for Peach Creek.

BenA Ben
Head to the other access port in the housing development! Quick!

Step 3
Touch the second access port (Timed)

Major Miner
The clock is ticking! You need to access the Plumber access port in Peach Creek as fast as you can.

BenA Ben
Great work. Now find the secret data miner. It's inside the trailer park.

Step 4
Find the data miner (Timed)

Major Miner
You have to find the Plumber data miner in the trailer park before time runs out, or the security systems will reset the database.

BenA Ben
Nice. Return to the Plumber base in the housing development to get a reward.

Step 5
Return to Peach Creek

Major Miner
While Ben sends the data to Grandpa Max for analysis, you can go back to Peach Creek to collect a reward. Aw yeah!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Major Miner
Whoah...listen to this. That data you retrieved contained a Plumber file about Fuse. Their research indicates that Planet Fusion is almost a thousand years old! I will send this to Max right away. Nice work. Hey, go back and talk to Numbuh Two when you're ready, okay?

Mission Summary

Major Miner
Wow, that info from the Plumber data miner was interesting. Seems like Planet Fusion has been terrorizing the galaxy for almost a thousand years!

BenA Ben
Take that Galactic Enforcer Cape as a reward. You did an amazing job.

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