Samurai JackA Guide Mission Magical Aid
Level 26
Difficulty Hard
Character Samurai Jack
Place Forsaken Valley - The Darklands
Restore power to the Warrior's Crest.
My Notes
I brought the Warrior's Crest to Juniper Lee. She was able to restore its mystical energies after I defeated the Cryptworms.

Magical Aid
The Warrior's Crest is devoid of its mystical energies. I want you to find Juniper Lee in Nowhere. She is knowledgeable of such things.
Step 1
Talk to Juniper Lee in Nowhere.
Magical Aid
There is a young woman named Juniper Lee in Nowhere. She knows the ways of magic and should be able to help us restore energy to the Warrior's Crest.
Step 2
Enter the Catacombs entrance.
Magical Aid
Juniper says that you need to proceed to the Caponata Catacombs. You can enter the Catacombs using the pipe. Then proceed to the Lower Catacombs to look for the Cryptworms that are causing the mystical interference. Be on your guard!
Step 3
Defeat eight Cryptworms.
Magical Aid
Juniper Lee wants you to defeat eight Cryptworms in the Lower Catacombs so she can focus her magical powers.
Step 4
Talk to Juniper Lee.
Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Bring the Warrior's Crest to Juniper Lee so that she can restore its power.
Step 5
Bring Warrior's Crest to Jack.
Magical Aid
Now that Juniper Lee has restored the Warrior's Crest, please bring it back to me. We must figure out how to best utilize this artifact.
Magical Aid
You are proving to be a most resourceful ally. Now that the energy has been restored to the Warrior's Crest, I believe I know how we must continue our quest.

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