Jordan AlmondA World Mission Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
Level 27
Difficulty Normal
Character Jordan Almond
Place Monkey Foothills-The Wilds
My Notes

Mission Offer

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
Yarr! I'm Jordan Almond, prospective Candy Pirate. I need to impress Ted Nougat so he will put in a good word for me with Stickybeard. Will you help?

Mission Details

Step 1
Speak to Ted Nougat about Jordan Alomnd.

Macaw of the Wilds (Part 1 of 3)
I've been trying to convince Ted Nougat to let me join the Candy Pirates for, like, ever. He won't tell me what to do! Can you please try talking to him for me?

Ted NougatA Ted Nougat
Jordan Almond? That one's about as sharp as a gumball. He needs a Parrot on his shoulder. That oughtta keep 'im outta my hair for a while.

Step 2
Look for a Parrot in the Monkey Foothills.

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
A Parrot?! That's a great idea. Ted Nougat sure is a smart Candy Pirate. I think I saw some parrots in the Monkey Foothills one time. Can you go check it out?

Jordan AlmondA Jordan Almond
I heard theres lots of wild Parrots in the Monkey Foothills. You should probadly start looking there.

Step 3
Defeat six Sickle Simians.

Sickle Simian: 0/6

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
I was right about Monkey Foothills. Unfortunately, I think the Parrot you found is scared of the Sickle Simians. You should try clearing them out.

ScarlettA Scarlett
Squawk! Scarlett hates monkeys! Squawk!

Jordan AlmondA Jordan Almond
Great! You found a parrot, but she seems afraid. Maybe if you could get rid of a few of the Sickle Simian, she'd trust you enough to talk with you.

Step 4
Speak with Plumber Carol.

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
She still won't talk to you even after you defeated all those Sickle Simian? She must be plenty scared. Maybe Plumber Carol have something that will help.

ScarlettA Scarlett
Squawk! Flying monkeys bad! Flying monkeys scary! Squawk!

Jordan AlmondA Jordan Almond
I've seen Parrots fly in and out of Plumber Carol's camp near the Waterfall. Check with her to see is she has any ideas.

Plumber CarolA Plumber Carol
We've been using the Parrot as emergency messengers since communications problems in Dinosaur Pass began. They like these Crackers so much, they'll do just about anything for 'em!

Plumber CarolA Plumber Carol
You'd better take one of these Parrot Whistles, too. Just in case you lose her in the trees. She'll follow the sound right to you.

Step 5
Return to Scarlett with the Cracker.

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
That's interesting. I had no idea Parrots were so smart that they could be used to carry messages. I sure hope she likes the Cracker.

ScarlettA Scarlett
Squawk! Yummy! Squawk!

Step 6
Return to Jordan with the Whistle

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
I think Scarlett and I are going to be the best of friends, I can't wait to play with her! Well, come on back, and bring that Whistle with you, matey!

Plumber CarolA Plumber Carol
All Jordan needs to do is blow this whistle and Scarlett will come flying to him. He's a lucky boy. Scarlett will make an excellent companion.

Mission Summary

Macaw of the Wild (Part 1 of 3)
Thanks for you help. I'm sure to be a Candy Pirate in no time!

Ted NougatA Ted Nougat
I can't believe the little pilot fish pulled it off! We'll 'ave to think of something else to keep him busy. Come see me before first watch.

Macaw of the Wild Saga

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Last Mission: Macaw of the Wild (Part 3 of 3)

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