Part One of Three

Level 6 Easy
Lee Kanker
Peach Creek Commons -- The Suburbs
Rewards: 6LV Mission CRATE, 600 Fusion Matter, 112 Taros

Mission Offer: Some Newspaper Ninjas stole my favorite pair of tweezers, and now I can't pluck my chin hairs. I saw them run off in the direction of the Cul-de-Sac.

Step One: Find the Newspaper Ninjas.
Make your way down to the Cul-de-Sac to see if you can find the creatures that stole my tweezers. Look for the Newspaper Ninjas.

Step Two: Defeat the Newspaper Ninjas.
What are you waiting for? Beat up Fuse's goons and find my tweezers.

Step Three: Deliver tweezers to Lee Kanker.
Bring the tweezers back here, and I'll give you a reward. Promise.

Mission Summary: Thank you for getting my tweezers back! My chin hairs were getting way too long. Do you think I need to pluck my nose hairs, too?

Notes: Recover Lee Kanker's tweezers from Fuse's minions.
I recovered Lee Kanker's stolen tweezers.

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