BlooA Nano Mission Leaderbored
Level 12(13)
Difficulty Hard
Character Bloo
Place City Point - Downtown
My Notes

BlooA Bloo
You want a Nano? Then get my juicebox back from the monsters in City Point!!
Step 1
Defeat four Dynamite Mouse
If I'm going to get to the top of the Sumo Slammer Online leaderboards, I need to stay in the zone. Can you find my stolen juicebox? You'll need to beat up some monsters to get it back.
BlooA Bloo
Nope. Those little rodents didn't take my juicebox.
BlooA Bloo
How about beating up some Fire Hydrants.
Step 2
Defeat five Fire Hydras.
BlooA Bloo
Let's see...nope! No juicebox. Hmmm.
BlooA Bloo
How about those Destroyusalls? I'll bet they took it!
Step 3
Defeat six Destroyusalls.
BlooA Bloo
Those stupid monsters didn't have my juicebox. You'd better go into the infected zone and look for it. I'll wait here and send you professional pointers from the sidelines.
Step 4
Go to Dizzy World Infected area.
BlooA Bloo
I'll bet a Fusion monster took my juicebox! Now that you're in the infected area, look for a Fusion Portal. As for me, I'm going to rest in light of my game-related injuries.
Step 5
Enter the Fusion Portal.
BlooA Bloo
Well, you've found Fusion Bloo. Clearly, he's the one who stole my juicebox. Have at it, kid! I'm sooo thiiirsty!
Step 6
Defeat Fusion Bloo.



Nano: Bloo

Type: Adaptium


Treasure Finder Treasure Finder

Snare - Cone Snare - Cone

Stun - Cone Stun - Cone