Larry 3000 was a polite robot who works with the Time Squad, an organization created to make sure history remains unchanged.


In FusionFall, although not an NPC, Larry makes a physical appearance as a disembodied head which is needed to complete the time machine in the Future portion of the game. The player is eventually tasked by Mandark to
Larry 3000 el lab dle tiempo

Larry fully reactivated in the time laboratory

search for it. When confronting Buttercup, she reveals that he was destroyed sometime during the battle at Tech Square. She then directs the player to Numbuh 5 who says that he was blown up and that all of his remaining parts were given to Eddy. When talked to, Eddy admits that he tossed his parts into Goat's Junk Yard, thinking they were worthless, and tells the player to speak with Samurai Jack if he wants to find them. With Jack's help, the player eventually finds Larry, but his head was the only thing remaining. Larry 3000's head is inside Foster's Home where Fusion Cheese is, you can see him after entering the door to Fusion Cheese then jump. it is unknown why is he there.
Larry 3000222

Larry 3000 In Fosters Home


  • In the time lab, just before the player leaves for the Past, he/she can find Larry's head fully reactivated though it still doesn't speak. Although the Future area and transition to the past has been removed from game play, by means of unspeakable ways, any player can "find" remnants of his existence in the time lab in the "unknown."
  • Larry is the only Time Squad character to make a physical appearance in FusionFall.
  • A live event of the Time Squad cast was planned and created by assistant developers at Turner Broadcasting, but development was ultimately ceased when lack of motivation and of appreciation for the community became a factor in whether or not to continue.
  • Larry 3000's head was put in Cheese's 'Foster's home' Lair as a teaser for a future event involving the Time Squad cast.