DexterA Nano Mission Lab Monkeys
Level 22
Difficulty Hard
Character Dexter
Place Tech Square
My Notes

DexterA Dexter
It is Nano Time. Proceed to the Galaxy Gardens infected zone.
Step 1
Supersaturate Fusion Bananas.

I want you to help me test a theory. If we supersaturate the Fusion Bananas with Fusion Matter, we may make them toxic to Fuse. I want you to bring these Fusion Bananas back to Galaxy Gardens. To Super saturate the Fusion Bananas, you must place them near a very toxic area of the infected zone. I will send the coordinates to you.

DexterA Dexter
Very good. Let them cook for a while.

Take care of the Horror Kings, and don’t let them tamper with our experiment.

Step 2
Defeat six Horror Kings.

While the infected area's natural toxicity supersaturates those Fusion Bananas with Fusion Matter, defeat six Horror Kings in the vicinity to prevent them from tampering with our plans.

DexterA Dexter
Good work! Now go retrieve the Fusion Bananas.
Step 3
Retrieve Fusion Bananas.

Recover the Fusion Bananas from where you placed them before. They should now be supersaturated with Fusion Matter.

DexterA Dexter
Looks good.

Bring those to Boomer Bango for a quick field test.

Step 4
Bring bananas to Boomer Bango.

Now that we have supersaturated the Fusion Bananas with Fusion Matter, I want you to take them to Boomer Bango at Mojo's Volcano for a quick field test.

Boomer BangoA Boomer Bango
Ugh! These things smell awful! I would rather eat rotten fruit soaked in fish oil. Blech! Are you trying to turn me into a Fusion minion?
DexterA Dexter
As I feared. I have a solution though, as always. Go back to Galaxy Gardens.
Step 5
Return to Galaxy Gardens infected zone.

The supersaturated Fusion Bababas are totally unappetizing. If we want Fuse's monsters to eat them, we need to make them taste better. I know something that will do the trick: a Bananaflange that I used to use on Monkey. Return to the Galaxy Gardens infected zone.

DexterA Dexter
Fusion Dexter is here, and he stole the Bananaflange from my old lab.
Step 6
Find Fusion Portal.

Fusion Dexter is lurking somewhere inside the infected area at Galaxy Gardens. He stole the Bananaflange from my old lab. It is up to you to retrieve it. Look for the Fusion Portal that leads to his lair.

DexterA Dexter
There’s Fusion Computress! Defeat her to collect the Bananaflange.
Step 7
Defeat Fusion Computress.

You have found Fusion Dexter's lair. But watch out! Fusion Computress is there as well. She has the Bananaflange that we need. Get her!

DexterA Dexter
Excellent work. Find Dexbot Q-101. He will bring the Bananaflange to me.
Step 8
Deliver Bananaflange to Dexbot Q-101.

You've defeated Fusion Computress and collected the Bananaflange. Please bring it to Dexbot Q-101. WIth the Bananaflange, I will be able to make the supersaturated Fusion Bananas more appetizing to Fuse's monsters.

Dexbot Q-101A Dexbot Q-101
Thank you adventurer. I will deliver this Bananaflange to Dexter immediately.
DexterA Dexter
Now you must defeat Fusion Dexter. I know you can do this.
Step 9
Defeat Fusion Dexter.

You have done an amazing job today. Now it is time for the final challenge: defeat Fusion Dexter. If you can best him, you will recover my Power Wrench and be able to make a new Nano in my image!



Nano: DEexter ne Type: Adaptium


Rocket - Self Rocket - Self

Sneak - Group Sneak - Group

Recall - Self Recall - Self

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